Hoerner Bank AG

Hoerner Bank AG having been in the business for 170 years, is one of the most experienced and biggest heir researchers in Germany and also among the leading companies within the field. Next to its banking services Hoerner Bank AG also handles the settlement of estates. This includes the research for all or some of the unknown heirs in Germany and abroad, resolving all family relationships, drafting the family chart as well as other relevant documentation, preparing of petitions for certificates of heirship as well as keeping the heirs informed of the progress in the legal proceeding for issuance thereof. In addition this also includes the financial settlement of the estate, for example the selling of the real property and other estate assets.

The Hoerner Bank AG team comprises fully qualified lawyers, legal experts qualified to act as probate judges in estate matters in Baden-Württemberg, judicial officers and genealogists and is supported by a world-wide network of correspondents and heir researchers abroad.

The latest investigation methods are used during the research as well as their very own archive and data base.

As partner to the probate courts and the estate administrators, Hoerner Bank AG sponsors and hosts the German estate curatorship conference once a year since 2008 together with the judicial officer’s associations. The agenda is tailored for estate administrators and judicial officers from the probate courts.

Since Hoerner Bank AG always works at its own financial risk and does not receive a fee from the estate administrators nor from the estate, the clients do not carry any financial risk nor does the estate.

You will find more information on the Hoerner Bank AG website www.hoernerbank.de.